• Upcoming Events

  • Sustainable Eco-Friendly Certified Businesses

    • Al-and-Sams-Green.JPG.jpg
      Al & Sam's Canoes & Kayaks
    • Fabbri-group-w250.jpg
      Fabbri Builders
    • Hampton-Inn-and-Suites.jpg
      Hampton Inn & Suites Vineland
    • Lilliston-Chrysler-good-w200.jpg
      Lilliston Chrysler Dodge Jeep Millville
    • Lilliston-Ford.JPG-w200.jpg
      Lilliston Ford Vineland
    • Seashore-group-final-w250.jpg
      Seashore Fruit & Produce Co.
    • Rossi-Honda-w250.jpg
      Rossi Motors Inc.
    • Luciano-Conf-Ctr-green-photo.jpg
      Luciano Conference Center
    • Vineland-Construction-green.jpg
      Vineland Construction Company
    • Chemglass---April-24.-2019.jpg
      Chemglass Life Sciences
    • Landis-Sewerage-Authority-w320.jpg
      Landis Sewerage Authority
    • Creating-Health-w354.jpg
      Creating Health LLC
  •  "Shop Small"  Campaign - we encourage everyone to shop within our local area, especially in the smaller sized businesses.  There are over 28 million small businesses in the United States that account for 64% of new jobs and drive our economy.  Your dollars spent locally have a BIG impact!

    • Ace-Hardware.JPG-w200.jpg
      Ace Hardware on East Avenue
    • Ace-Plumbing.JPG-w190.jpg
      Ace Plumbing & Electrical Supplies on So. Delsea Drive
    • Als-Shoes.JPG-w200.jpg
      Al's Shoes on Landis Avenue
    • Bagel-University.JPG-w220.jpg
      Bagel University on Main Rd & So. Delsea Drive
    • Brass-Frog-Photography.JPG-w230.jpg
      Brass Frog Photography on E. Landis Avenue
    • LYLR-2022-tent-card-photo.jpg
      Love Your Local Restaurant campaigns
    • Choice-Cleaners.JPG-w240.jpg
      Choice Cleaners on So. Lincoln Avenue
    • Cilantro-Mexican-Restaurant.JPG-w240.jpg
      Cilantro Mexican Restaurant on Landis Avenue
    • Donderos-Jewelry.JPG-w250.jpg
      Dondero's Jewelry on No. Delsea Drive
    • LaTorre-Hardware.JPG-w150.jpg
      LaTorre Harware on So. Delsea Drive
    • Spring-to-Support-Local-display-image-2022.png
      Spring to Support Local campaigns
    • Landi-Pools-and-Games.JPG-w230.jpg
      Landi Pools & Games on No. Delsea Drive
    • Mainieros.JPG-w240.jpg
      Mainiero's on So. Delsea Drive
    • Napa-Auto-Parts.JPG-w240.jpg
      Napa Auto Parts on Landis Avenue
    • Richland-Carpet-Shop-Small-w120.jpg
      Richland Carpet
    • Rienzi-Bridal.JPG-w240.jpg
      Rienzi Bridal on Landis Avenue
  • Cash Mobs - We arrive at a member business with a little cash and a big smile for the photo!  A great way to support our local businesses

    • LaTorre-Cash-Mob-5-17-17.jpg
      LaTorre Hardware
    • Bagel-U-East-Cash-Mob.JPG
      Bagel University
    • Spot-Cash-Mob-group.JPG-w640.jpg
      Spot on Landis Avenue
    • Wheaton-Arts-Shops-11-30-18-w281.jpg
      Wheaton Arts Cultural Center Shops 2018
    • Crust-n-Krumbs-Cash-Mob-group.jPG-w640.jpg
      Crust n Krumbs Bakery 2018
    • Landi-Pools-and-Games-group.jpg
      Landi Pools & Games
    • Outlaw's-7-24-19.jpg
      Outlaw's Burger Barn & Creamery
    • Crust-n-Krumbs-2019.jpg
      Crust n Krumbs Bakery 2019
    • Wheaton-stores-2019.jpg
      Wheaton Arts Cultural Center Shops 2019
  • Recent Chamber Events

  • The Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce is a very active organization.  We host a variety of events throughout the year providing many opportunities for networking.  The GVCC is proud of our commitment to strengthening our business community and partnering with many organizations.  We encourage you to join us and get connected!

  • Annual Events

    • 2017-Award-Recipients.jpg
      Award Recipients 2017 - President's Gala
    • Golf-sponsors-2017.jpg
      Golf Classic Sponsors 2017
    • Veterans-event-2017.jpg
      Honoring Veterans in Business
    • Support-Local-Holiday-flier-image.png
      Support Local this Holiday Season
    • Bus-Expo-2018-w1200.jpg
      Business Expo
    • Dandelion-crowd-2017(1).jpg
      Dandelion Dinner
    • IMG_1376-640.jpg
      Honoring Veterans in Business
    • 2018-Award-Winners.png
      Award Recipients 2018 - President's Gala
    • Golf-Sponsors-2018.jpg
      Golf Classic Sponsors 2018
    • LYLR-2022-tent-card-photo.jpg
      Love Your Local Restaurants
    • Board-2019-2020.jpg
      Board Directors 2019-2020
    • 2019-Award-Winners.jpg
      Award Recipients 2019 - President's Gala
    • Golf-Event-Sponsors-2019.jpg
      Golf Classic Sponsors 2019
    • B2B-Business-Expo.jpg
      B2B Business Expo 2019
    • Veterans-2019.jpg
      Honoring Veterans in Business
    • Spring-to-Support-Local-display-image-2022.png
      Spring to Support Local
  • Meet & Greets for Valuable Networking

    • Bridor-2017.jpg
      Bridor USA
    • Century-Savings-Bank-Nov-2017.jpg
      Century Savings Bank
    • Lilliston-Honda-2-13-19.jpg
      Lilliston Honda
    • TD-Bank-MandG.jpg
      TD Bank at Larry's II Restaurant
    • Landis-Theater-5-15-19.jpg
      Landis Theater
    • Grove-at-Centerton-9-5-19.jpg
      Grove at Centerton
    • Utopia-Wellness-Center-1-2020-w350.jpg
      Utopia Wellness Center
    • Networking-with-Hammonton-Chamber-2020.jpg
      Networking with Hammonton Chamber of Commerce
    • Coffee-and-Connections-6-12-20.jpg
      Coffee & Connections 6-2020
    • Bellview-Winery-9-2021.jpg
      Bellview Winery
    • Cedar-Rose-Vineyard-10-2021.jpg
      Cedar Rose Vineyard
  • Cumberland County Holiday Lighting Winners
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

    • Fam-Med-Equip-ribbon-cutting.JPG
      Family Medical Equipment
    • Marcacci-ribbon-cutting-w640-w300.jpg
      Marcacci Meats
    • RC-Carol-S.-Edward-Jones-11-30-18.jpg
      Edward Jones / Carol Sumoski
    • RC-SJ-Paper-3-11-19.jpg
      SJ Paper Products / Karcher Store
    • RC-Eye-Associates-20th-Anniv.jpg
      Eye Associates 20th Anniversary
    • RC-Pulse-Vascular.jpg
      Pulse Vascular
    • RC-Chemglass-4-24-19.jpg
      Chemglass Life Sciences
    • RC-Bill-Wahl-Supply.jpg
      Marvic Supply
    • RC-SJ-FCU.jpg
      First Harvest Credit Union
    • RC-Brass-Frog-new-location.jpg
      Brass Frog / New Location!
    • RC-PCS.jpg
    • RC-Ben's-ProServ-2020-w500.jpg
      Ben's ProServ
    • RC-SJ-Ped-Dental-09-2020-w320.jpg
      South Jersey Pediatric Dental
    • RC-Heart-of-Hustle.jpg
      Heart of Hustle at Cumberland Mall
    • RC-Burger-King-5-2021.jpg
      Burger King - So. Delsea Drive, Vineland
    • RC-Flower-Shoppe.jpg
      Flower Shoppe
    • RC-Pedmar.jpg
      Pedmar LLC
    • RC-Ambient-Comfort.jpg
      Ambient Comfort 10th Anniversary
    • RC-MVP-Staffing.jpg
      MVP Staffing
    • RC-Collini-Real-Estate.jpg
      Collini Real Estate
    • RC-Krumbs-Cafe.jpg
      Krumbs Cafe
    • RC-Masis-Staffing.jpeg
      Masis Staffing
  • Membership Events

    • April-luncheon.jpg
      Membership Luncheon
    • Crowd-networking-w640.jpg
      Membership Luncheon - Networking
    • Jan-2019-luncheon.jpg
      State of the City Luncheon 2019
    • Hail-and-Farewell-2019.jpg
      Hail & Farewell Congressional Breakfast
    • Seminar-9-26-18.JPG-w240.jpg
      Advocacy Seminar
    • IMG_2757.JPG
      Website Training Seminar
    • Advocacy-Feb-2018.jpg
      Advocacy - Elected Officials Meeting
    • State-of-the-City-1-2020-small.jpg
      State of the City Luncheon 2020
    • GVCC-Board-Holiday-2018.jpg
      Holiday Party
    • Mar-2016-David-Kotok-luncheon-640.jpg
      Economist David Kotok
    • Honoring-the-Giving-Spirit-640.jpg
      Honoring the Giving Spirits
    • WPG-Mar-2016-640.jpg
      Women's Group Seminar
    • Group-photo-boat-cruise-w640.jpg
      Green -- Maurice River Boat Cruise
    • Dandelion-crowd-2017(1).jpg
      Dandelion Dinner
    • Group-best.jpg
      Women's Group - Love Where You Live
    • Dr-Keating-and-room-w638.jpg
      Rowan College of South Jersey
  • Be an Eco Leader at Your Business Seminar
  • Holiday-luncheon-2017.jpg
  • Womens-Group-5-2018-w250.jpg
  • Green-Boat-Cruise-2018.jpg
  • Advocacy-Senatorial Candidates Meeting
  • Board-2021.jpg