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  • The GVCC serves as the voice for the business community when public policy and proposed regulations threaten to impact the growth of commerce and economic development. Our approach is at once proactive and responsive to the needs of our membership and the overall business climate.

    The GVCC’s Advocacy Committee researches local, state and federal legislation and recommends actions to endorse or disapprove proposed rulemaking.  State, county and local government representatives are invited to one-on-one meetings to listen to the issues facing small business and large companies.  United with one message, the business community can be heard loud and clear through the GVCC.

    Here is some current legislation we are following:

    Paid Sick Leave Law effective October 29, 2018 -- click here for our presentation

    Sales Tax Changes for 2018 – now 6.625%

    Minimum Wage - met with NJ Senators for roundtable discussion on this issue and the impact to smaller businesses

    UEZ programs - extensions was successfully passed

    Recent Advocacy Article from the GVCC:

    We are proud of our ability and consistency to remain bipartisan involving politics.  It's important that we focus on representing our members when we work with any of our elected officials.  We do not take sides or loyalties to candidates, but we instead concentrate on the issues that affect our business community.  As the fall election season gets into full swing, we are publicly asking that all candidates at every level of government, refrain from personal attacks or negative campaigning aimed at their opposing candidates.  We encourage all incumbents and candidates to focus on the issues at hand.  We look forward to hearing the various candidate platforms and their stance on issues such as extending the Family Leave Act, Minimum Wage and other legislation that affects businesses. 

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